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Prince Baltasar Carlos in Silver
  • Diego Velázquez (1599 - 1660)
  • Prince Baltasar Carlos in Silver
  • Spain
  • 1633
  • Painting
  • Oil on canvas
  • Image size: 117.8 x 95.9 cm
    Object size: 151 x 128 x 9.5 cm
  • P12
  • Great Gallery
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  • Prince Baltasar Carlos (1629 – 46) was the son of Philip IV of Spain by his first
    queen, Isabel de Bourbon. Idolized by his parents, Baltasar Carlos died of
    fever aged sixteen. Here he is shown aged about three years old. The pose
    is repeated from a portrait of the prince painted to commemorate his
    investiture the year before at the Buen Retiro. Although the picture surface
    is now worn, it is still possible to admire the free brushwork, conveying
    the shimmering of the costume, and the simple composition typical of
    Velázquez’s works after his first trip to Italy (1629 – 31).
    The picture belonged to the Counts of Altamira in the eighteenth century and
    later, in the nineteenth century, to King Louis-Philippe of France. Although he
    paid a ‘prodigious price’ for the picture (1,600 guineas), the 4th Marquess of
    Hertford seemed well pleased with his purchase when he saw it in 1855, writing to his agent Samuel Mawson that ‘the Velázquez is beautiful.’