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A Woman peeling Apples
  • Pieter de Hooch (1629 - 1684)
  • A Woman peeling Apples
  • Netherlands
  • c. 1663
  • Painting
  • Oil on canvas
  • Image size: 67.1 x 54.7 cm
  • P23
  • East Galleries II
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Further Reading
  • Pieter de Hooch studied with Nicolaes Berchem in Haarlem in the 1640s. In 1655 he joined the Delft Guild of Saint Luke, becoming, alongside Vermeer, one of the leading painters of the Delft School. His style was characterised by dramatic perspectival effects and sensitivity to natural light. A Woman peeling Apples represents a woman successfully running a large household and is very much in keeping with Maes’s earlier depictions of women engaged in household activities (see his The Virtuous Woman (P239)). The complementary theme of marital love is represented by the cupid on the fireplace pillar. This picture was probably painted soon after De Hooch’s move to Amsterdam at the beginning of the 1660s. The picture was wrongly attributed to Vermeer in Thoré-Bürger’s pioneering study of the artist (1866).