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Flowers and Fruit
  • Jan Weenix (1642 - 1719)
  • Flowers and Fruit
  • Netherlands
  • 1676
  • Painting
  • Oil on canvas
  • Image size: 123.5 x 102 cm
    Object size: 161 x 138 x 12 cm
  • Signature: 'J. Weenix f 1676'
  • P102
  • Great Gallery
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  • Unlike all the other works by Jan Weenix in the Wallace Collection, this
    painting is a ‘pure’ flower piece without any animals or game. It is a relatively
    early work. On a stone ledge beneath a pear tree, a silver dish is laden with
    grapes, a pear, a peach with a fly, and a pomegranate. A rose, a poppy,
    honeysuckle, carnations and other flowers decorate the scene, to which the
    artist has added the finishing touch of two butterflies.
    Like several other paintings by Weenix now in the Wallace Collection, this
    painting belonged in the eighteenth century to a member of the German
    aristocracy, Count Friedrich Moritz of Brabeck.
    The painting was acquired by Richard Wallace in 1859 on behalf of the 4th
    Marquess of Hertford at the sale of Count Andreas von Stolberg in Hanover.