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Still Life with Parrot
  • Pieter de Ring (1615 - 1660)
  • Still Life with Parrot
  • Netherlands
  • c. 1645 - c.1660
  • Painting
  • Oil on canvas
  • Image size: 128 x 139.5 cm
    Object size: 160 x 172 x 14 cm
  • Painter's mark: Signed with a ring
  • P107
  • Great Gallery
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Further Reading
  • Pieter de Ring was a pupil of Jan Davidz. de Heem, whose style he closely
    imitated, specializing in elaborate banquet pieces or pronkstilleven. His
    known works date from 1647 onwards and he joined the Leiden Guild in 1648.
    The cluttered composition of this painting is typical of De Ring’s work.
    The various elements of the still life may carry symbolic meanings; thus the
    laurel wreath round the glass on the left may imply praise of wine, and the partly cut melon may indicate moderation. The picture is signed with Pieter de Ring’s rebus, a ring.
    The work had entered the Collection by 1871 and was later listed in the 1890 inventory of Hertford House, under an erroneous attribution to De Heem.