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River Landscape at Sunrise
  • Claude-Joseph Vernet (1714 - 1789)
  • River Landscape at Sunrise
  • France
  • c.1781
  • Painting
  • Oil on canvas
  • Image size: 63.8 x 96.5 cm
    Frame size: 92.2 x 124.1 x 13 cm
  • Signature: 'J. Vernet'
  • P480
  • Boudoir
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Further Reading
  • The painting is a typical example of Vernet’s scenes of calm. The interest resides in the skilful way in which the artist depicts the hazy effects of morning sunshine. The figures' active poses reflect the beginning of the day. Vernet's sunsets and sunrises such as this continue a tradition that was created by Claude Lorrain in the early seventeenth century and internationally admired in the eighteenth century. Vernet often combined paintings depicting the different times of the day or contrasting calm and storm. Nothing is known about a possible pendant to this work. The style of the painting suggests a late date of c.1781.