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Richard Gibson (1615 - 1690)
  • Place of Birth: England
Works of Art

Richard Gibson, the dwarf, was page to Charles I and painted miniatures for him and at the Court of Charles II. His daughter, Susan Penelope Rosse (c. 1625 – 1700), was also a miniature painter, but preferred the style of Samuel Cooper to that of her father. A miniaturist D. Gibson is known from signed portraits of members of the Dormer and Carnarvon families; three of these are signed and dated between 1656 and 1658. It is not known whether there was any relationship between R. Gibson and D. Gibson, but their works are sufficiently similar in style for there to be uncertainty about the precise dividing line between them. It has been suggested that they may in fact be the same artist, Richard Gibson on occasion signing himself D. as an abbreviation for ‘Dwarf’ or ‘Dick’.