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Francisco Meneses Osorio (1640 - 1721)
  • Place of Birth: Seville?, Spain
  • Place of Death: Seville, Spain
Works of Art

A member of the Seville Academy 1666-73 and mayordomo 1668-9 when he presented an Immaculate Conception (now lost). He was very probably taught by Murillo whose style he closely imitated into the eighteenth century. In 1681 he assisted Murillo with the retable for the Capuchin Church, Cádiz, and after Murillo's death in 1682 Meneses completed the central Marriage of S. Catherine (adding the cherubim) and executed the four lateral panels from Murillo's designs.

Other works by him are in Seville (Hospital de la Caridad and Museo de Bellas Artes), Osuna (a Mater Dolorosa dated 1703 in the Church of The Incarnation) and Greenville, Carolina (Bob Jones University). Few works by him can now be identified. Juan Garzon (d. 1729) was his assistant. He was buried in the church of S. Miguel, Seville, on 20 January 1721, aged eighty.