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Alonso Cano (1601 - 1667)
  • Place of Birth: Granada, Spain
  • Place of Death: Granada, Spain
Works of Art

Painter, sculptor and architect, baptised on 19 March 1601 in Granada, the son of an architect and retable designer. In 1614 the family moved to Seville where Alonso studied painting with Pacheco from 1616 (thus briefly overlapping with Velzáquez), but probably did not complete his five-year apprenticeship. He studied sculpture under Martínez Montáñes, and architecture and retable design with his father. Licensed as a Master Painter in 1626. After a successful period in Seville he moved in 1638 to Madrid where, under Olivares's patronage, he became a Court painter and Gentleman of the Bedchamber.

In 1644 his second wife was murdered and he was tortured as a suspect, but acquitted. In 1652 he retired to Granada to work in the Cathedral where many of his finest works remain, in sculpture, painting and architecture. He took Orders in 1658, and was appointed Cathedral architect shortly before he died, in Granada, on 3 September 1667.