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Michiel (Jansz.) van Mierevelt (1567 - 1641)
  • Place of Birth: Delft, The Netherlands
  • Place of Death: Delft, The Netherlands
Works of Art

Miereveld or Mierevelt, born on May 1567 in Delft where he was briefly the pupil of W. Willemsz and a certain Augustijn before going to Utrecht c. 1581 to study under A. van Blocklandt (d.1583, a pupil of the Fleming, F. Floris). Returning in 1583 to Delft, he was inscribed in the guild before 1613. Although his earlier works include some historical scenes (his Judgment of Paris of 1588 is at Stockholm) he soon devoted himself exclusively to portraiture. He was much employed by the Stadtholder's Court in The Hague, where he became a member of the guild in 1625. He appears, however, to have retained his ties with Delft, where he remarried in 1633 and where he died on 27 June 1641.