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Allart van Everdingen (1621 - 1675)
  • Place of Birth: Alkmaar, The Netherlands
  • Place of Death: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Works of Art

Baptised in Alkmaar on 18 June 1621, brother of the history painter Cesar van Everdingen (c.1616-78). He was probably the pupil of Roelandt Savery in Utrecht and of P. de Molijn in Haarlem. Annotated drawings record his presence in Norway and Sweden in 1644. The following year he was in Alkmaar, and in 1646 he was received into the Haarlem guild. He settled in 1652 in Amsterdam, where he was buried on 8 November 1675.

He made over one hundred etchings, but was known principally for his mountainous scenes with torrents and waterfalls, reminiscences of his Scandinavian travels, which he produced steadily from 1647. Ruisdael was amongst those who appear to have been influenced by him. He also painted seascapes, and Bakhuizen was his pupil.