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Aert van der Neer (1603 - 1677)
  • Place of Birth: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Place of Death: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Works of Art

His date of birth is deduced from later documents (giving his age as about 38 in 1642, about 43 in 1647 and about 48 in 1653). He spent his early years in Arkel near Gorinchem and was a steward in domestic service. He may have studied there under R. Camphuysen (c. 1597/8-1657), who was a witness at the baptism of one of his daughters in 1642.

He moved to Amsterdam c. 1632. His earliest dated work is from 1632, but his most accomplished landscapes date from c.1645-60, when he exploited subtle luminous effects of sunset, fire and winter skies (here influenced apparently by E. van de Velde and H. Avercamp). There are scarcely any dated works after 1650. By 1659 he was an innkeeper and as such was declared bankrupt in 1662.

His paintings were then appraised at low values, and he probably painted little thereafter. He died in poverty in Amsterdam on 9 November 1677. His sons Eglon, and Johannes were also painters.