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Domenico Beccafumi (1484 - 1551)
  • Place of Birth: Cortine, Italy
  • Place of Death: Siena, Italy
Works of Art

Domenico di Giacomo de Pace, il Mecherino, called Beccafumi after his earliest patron. He first studied in Siena, but visits to Rome c.1510-12 and 1519 and (almost certainly) to Florence greatly influenced his development.

Apart from a later visit to Genoa and Pisa c.1541, he otherwise worked in Siena, undertaking a number of notable commissions for Church and State, including designs for the marble pavement, frescoes and bronze angels for the Duomo, a painted ceiling in the Palazzo Pubblico, and numerous altarpieces.

A solitary man (according to Vasari) his highly personal Mannerism was one of the last major manifestations of the Sienese school.