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Carlo Crivelli (1430 - 1495)
  • Place of Birth: ?Venice, Italy
  • Place of Death: Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Works of Art

Born in Venice, son of the painter Jacopo and brother of the painter Vittorio; he frequently signed himself Crivellus Venetus. First recorded in Venice in 1457 as having abducted a sailor's wife. By 1465 he was a citizen of Zadar (Zara) on the Dalmatian coast; by 1468 he was back in Italy in the Marches south of Ancona, where by 1469 he was a citizen of Ascoli Piceno.

He was knighted in 1490 by Ferdinand II of Naples and he incorporated miles in his signature thereafter. There are dated works from 1468 to 1493. His rich colouring and mannered style probably derived from the Vivarini in Venice and Squarcione and his school in Padua.