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Johann Georg Platzer (1704 - 1761)
  • Place of Birth: Saint Paul in Eppan, near Merano, Italy
  • Place of Death: Saint Paul in Eppan, near Merano, Italy
Works of Art

Born on 25 June 1704 in St. Michael in Eppan, South Tyrol, he studied with his step-father, J. A. Kessler, in Innsbruck, and with his uncle, J. C. Platzer, in Passau, before entering the Academy in Vienna in 1728. He stayed in Vienna where, influenced by seventeenth-century Flemish masters such as Hendrik van Balen and Frans Franeken the Younger, he painted small historical subjects, often on copper, which he would repeat with minor variations. There are six of his small panels in the Victoria and Albert Museum. He died in St. Michael in Eppan on 10 December 1761.