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Louis-Gabriel Chulot (1736 - 1824)
Works of Art

Painter, gilder and burnisher, op. 1755 - 1800, 1805 - 1824.

He arrived at Vincennes in October 1755, and specialized chiefly in flowers and trophies or attributes, but his range of subject matter was wide. The painters' records show his other work also included painted border patterns, baskets, landscapes, friezes, arabesques and birds. He worked for a brief period as a gilder and frequently added gilding to his own painted decoration. He also worked as a burnisher. His work was mostly on tea and useful wares; he also occasionally decorated plaques.

In 1758/9 he was one of thirteen painters threatened with dismissal, but in the event retained. From August or September 1805 he was made responsible for the care of the factory's collection of moulds, models, paintings and drawings.