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Jacques-François Micaud (1732 - 1811)
  • Place of Birth: Villeneuve d'Aumont, France
  • Place of Death: Sèvres, France
Works of Art

Painter, op. 1757 - 1810.

He arrived at Sèvres in 1757. From 1777 the painters’ records reveal Micaud as one of the factory’s most talented specialists in flower painting. He worked on flower sprays, garlands and a variety of border patterns combining flowers with foliage, ribbons, mosaic patterns and pearl borders. At the same time, and with increasing frequency, he painted more ambitious floral compsitions: vases, baskets, still-lives of flowers and fruit sometimes on tables or in landscapes.

The majority of Micaud’s work was on tea, service and useful wares. He occasionally decorated vases. He was probably the principal flower painter employed on the decoration of plaques.

He and his wife Suzanne Tanche lived at the glass works near the factory; their son Pierre-Louis studied at the factory and became a painter there in 1794.