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Jean-Louis Morin (1732 - 1787)
  • Place of Birth: Vincennes, France
  • Place of Death: Sèvres, France
Works of Art

Painter, op. 1754 - 1787.

The son of an army surgeon, Morin himself studied surgery before entering the Vincennes factory on 13 May 1754. His earliest work was painting cherubs on clouds or in landscapes, and trophies. These show him to have been, with Dodin, one of the factory’s leading figure-painters.

By 1758 Morin began to work on coloured reserves. From 1758-63 he painted Teniers scenes but, perhaps because of his family’s army connections, he came to specialize in battles, military encampments, seascapes and harbour scenes. He made the latter a particular specialty.

He married Amable-Christine Gally de La Ferrière, herself a flower painter at the factory. They lived in lodgings at the glassworks near the factory, and amongst their children Charles-Raphaël worked as a gilder at Sèvres and Jean-François as an engraver in Paris.