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Nicolas-Laurent Petit (1725 - 1814)
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France
  • Place of Death: Sèvres, France
Works of Art

Painter and burnisher, op. 1756 - 1759, 1761 - 1800.

He studied painting with Bachelier, perhaps in his Paris school before entering the factory in November 1756. In the pay rolls he is recorded as a painter until 1769 and then head of the burnishers’ workshop. As a painter he probably specialized in flowers and fruit; all recorded examples of pieces with the mark P.T. include floral decoration.

The P.T. mark appears on a hard-paste vase in an English private collection, dated 1773, with flowers and fruit, suggesting Petit worked on hard as well as soft-paste and that he continued to work as a painter after becoming head of the burnishers.

He served for six years in the army and worked as a dancing master in Paris before becoming a painter.