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Jean-Jacques Pierre (born 1745 - 1746)
Works of Art

Painter, gilder and burnisher, op. 1673 - 1800.

He entered the factory on 15 April 1763 and throughout his career specialized chiefly in painting flowers. He was most often employed on border patterns of roses, pansies, daisies, cornflowers, jasmine, ribbons, pearl borders and foliage in different combinations. He also painted flower sprays, bouquets and garlands, the last sometimes in monochrome, and, less commonly, flowers on tables, in baskets, in vases or in landscapes.

After moving to piecework in 1783, he often undertook the ground colour application, painted decoration, gilding and burnishing on a single piece. He worked on hard and soft paste.

In 1771 he is recorded living in the parish of Saint-Cloud. In 1777 he married Anne-Victoire Armand, daughter of a painter at the factory and herself active as a painter from 1777.