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Nicolas-Pierre Pithou (1750 - 1818)
Works of Art

Painter, Suisse de la porte Royale, (Swiss Guard of the Royal Gates) and head of the painter’s workshop, op. 1763 - 1767, 1769 - 1795, 1817.

His work before 1774 is not recorded, but in that year he worked in overtime on portraits of the King and Queen, garlands of flowers and fruit, and figures in grisaille.

He left the factory in July 1767, returning in April 1769. Since, on his return, he was the first painter to decorate hard paste, he may have learnt the technique during his absence.

He also worked on a variety of vases, and contributed to the Catherine II service. In 1790 he replaced his brother as Suisse de la porte royale. In 1794-5 he served as head of the painters’ workshop. However, troubled times and a large family necessitated his removal in 1795 to Paris. He worked again at Sèvres from 1814 and in 1816 requested a pension which was refused because of his previous absences.