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Nicolas Bulidon (1750 - 1817)
Works of Art

Painter, gilder and burnisher, op. 1763 - 1792, 1810.

Son of Henri Bulidon, a sculptor at Vincennes. He entered the factory in April or May 1763 as a flower painter. Records show his work included flower sprays, roses, floral border patterns, garlands, wreaths and bouquets. By 1779 his work became more diverse and included imitation lacquer, arabesques and chinoiseries. He also worked as a gilder and a burnisher. Almost all his work was on tea, service and useful wares, most frequently of hard paste porcelain.

In 1776 he married Marie-Françoise-Justine, daughter of the flower painter Denis Levé, who herself worked as a gilder and painter at Sèvres from 1775-79.