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Jean Ducrollay (c. 1710 - 1787)
Works of Art

Jean Ducrollay was apprenticed to his uncle Jean Drais in 1722. Drais also sponsored him when he became master in 1734 at which time he was living in the rue de Lamoignon. By 1748 he had moved to the place Dauphine. There he worked with his brother Jean-Charles (1712-66) and subsequently their nephew, Thomas Estienne, who married Julie-Catherine, the daughter of Jean Moynat (q.v.). The goldsmiths Louis Roucel (q.v.) and Pierre-François Drais also worked at their premises. In 1760 he advertised the loss of a gold snuffbox “pour home, carré tournée en plein à écailles de carpe” and another small gold snuffbox, enamelled in grey with six baskets of flowers. In 1761 the firm was sold to Jean-Marie Tiron de Nanteuil (q.v.) and both the brothers gave up their goldsmiths’ marks. Jean Ducrollay and Thomas Estienne, however, appear to have continued in business as négociants. The name Ducrollay features frequently in the accounts of the Menus Plaisirs and those of the ministère des Affaires étrangères. Jean Ducrollay retired to Mantes in 1770 and died there in 1787.