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Willem de Heusch (1625 - 1692)
  • Place of Birth: Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Place of Death: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Works of Art

A follower, and possibly a pupil, of Jan Both (q.v.). He may have been in Italy from c.1640, but had returned to Utrecht by 1649, when he is recorded as Dean of the Utrecht College of Painters. He succeeded Both as Governor of the Utrecht Guild, serving in 1655-6, 1660-4 and 1669. His pictures are painted in the Dutch Italianate style, closely resembling those of Both, although somewhat smoother in finish and less varied in composition. Johannes Lingelbach often provided the staffage in his works. His cousin, Jacob de Heusch, became his pupil. He died in poverty and was buried at the town council’s expense.