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Wolfgang Grosschedel (1517 - 1562)
  • Place of Death: Landshut
Works of Art

The first reference to Wolfgang Grosschedel appears in 1521 when he became a citizen of Landshut. He is however believed to be the same as the 'Wolfe Grechedyll' employed in 1517-18 in the Royal Workshops at Greenwich. In 1549 he is recorded as owning the house in the New Town of Landshut, in which his son Franz later lived. He made the so-called 'Burgundy Cross' garniture for the future Philip II of Spain, apparently in 1551 (Real Armeria, Madrid, Nos. A263-73). In 1555 he was appointed guardian of the orphaned children of the armourer Sigmund Wolf. In the same year his son Franz received payment from Spain for his father's work, presumably the so-called 'Cloud' garniture, made for the future Philip II in the previous year (Real Armeria, Madrid, Nos. 243-62); the lance-rest A228 belongs to this armour. He made a small garniture for Prince Don Carlos, Philip's son, with decoration similar to that of his father's, apparently in 1558 (Real Armeria, Madrid, Nos. 274-6). In 1560 Grosschedel delivered the great series of complementary garnitures (to which parts of A34 belong) made for the use of the Emperor Ferdinand I and his companions at a famous tournament held in that year at Vienna. Grosschedel paid tax for the last time in 1562, and presumably died shortly afterwards.