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Matthäus Frauenpreiss I (c. 1505 - 1549)
  • Place of Death: Augsburg
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Matthäus Frauenpreiss I, probably born about 1505, may have been of Flemish origin. He is first recorded in Augsburg in 1529 when he married Anna Herzler, the widow of Briccius Helmschmid, younger brother of Kolman, and therefore uncle to Desiderius. Possibly he served his time in the workshop of Briccius in the Schmiedegasse 'am Hornbruck'. In 1530 he became a master in the Augsburg guild, paying taxes for the old workshop of Briccius. His son Matthäus II, who followed his father's craft, was born in this year. In 1547 he was 'Zunftmeister' (Master) of the Armourers' Guild. In this year he paid tax not only for himself, but also for his kinsman Cunradt Frauenpreiss and his step-son Hanns Helmschmid. In 1548 Hanns Burgkmair II, the painter and engraver, is known to have been etching for him. In the following year he employed Jorg Sorg II to etch the garniture to which Wallace Collection A270 belongs, and he became Warden of the Crafts in Augsburg. He died on October 22nd 1549. At the most only five garnitures of Matthäus I are recorded in the design book of Jorg Sorg. The remaining garnitures recorded there, since they date from 1550 or later, must be by the son, who lived until about 1575. One of those possibly made by the father was for Wratislav von Pernstein, Chancellor to the Emperor Maximilian II, and the owner of Wallace Collection A1004. No part of it has so far been identified.