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Franz Grosschedel (active between: 1555 - 1578/9)
  • Place of Death: Landshut
Works of Art

Franz Grosschedel is first recorded in 1555 acting as an agent for his father, Wolfgang, probably for the so-called 'Cloud garniture' now in Madrid. In 1556 he received the citizenship of Landshut. In 1566 he was appointed court armourer to Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria. In 1568, as well as being paid for six armours for various Bavarian princes, he was paid by the Emperor Maximilian II. In 1570, while working for the Elector of Saxony, he excused himself to complete some armour for the Emperor. In 1572 he was paid the enormous sum of 2550 florins for an armour for Maximilian II, presumeably the 'Rose-leaf' garniture, of which Wallace Collection A342 and A359 are parts, made for the celebration of the marriage of Archduke Charles II of Styria (the Emperor's brother) and Maria of Bavaria in 1571. In 1575 he was paid 600 florins for six armours for the Emperor, presumeably for the use of his guards. Grosschedel is last mentioned in 1578-9, and his house in the New Town of Landshut was sold by his widow, Barabara Thir, in 1581. No mark is recorded for him.