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Hanns Lutzenberger (before 1505 - 1563)
  • Place of Birth: Augsburg
  • Place of Death: Augsburg
Works of Art

Hanns Lutzenburger I was born before 1505, probably the son of the Augsburg armourer Baltus Lutzenberger (died after 1550). He was already a master in 1533 when he is first recorded as paying tax. Sometime during the previous year he had married Ursula Schaller, the widow of Kolman Helmschmid. Probably he had served his time under Helmschmid. In 1536 he dissolved his contract with his stepson Desiderius Helmschmid. In 1538 he was ordered by the Augsburg City Council to allow his stepson sufficient helpers to complete his work. In 1540 his son Hanns II was born (died 1582). Six of Lutzenberger's garnitures are recorded in the design book of Jorg Sorg. Among his patrons at this time were a number of Spanish courtiers. In 1562 he paid rather more tax than hitherto, perhaps because of the retirement of his stepson brought him more clients. He died on July 13th, 1563. No record of his mark survives.