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Francesco Fanelli (1577 - c.1661)
  • Place of Birth: Florence
Works of Art

Francesco Fanelli was born in Florence in 1577 and trained there with the sculptor Giovanni Bandini (1539/40–1599). After a long spell in Genoa between 1605 and 1630, where he worked in marble as well as bronze, he was first documented in England in 1632 and must have remained here until c.1643 before returning to Italy.

A 1639 inventory of the private cabinet of King Charles I mentions him as the author of a group of small-scale bronze statuettes many of which have been convincingly identified with bronzes now at the V&A.

All of Fanelli’s bronzes seem to have been made from parts cast in piece moulds, a technique that allowed him to alter each part of the composition and therefore create virtually endless variations of the original model This explains why the numerous surviving casts of his models all present substantial differences.