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Roger Schabol (1656 - 1727)
  • Place of Birth: Brussels
  • Place of Death: Paris
Works of Art

Like many sculptors working in France under Louis XIV, Roger Schabol was also of Flemish origin. Born in Brussels in 1656, in Paris he was involved in the casting of numerous large-scale bronze sculptures and groups for the bâtiments du roi either in collaboration with other founders, like Aubry and Bonvallet, or on his own. In particular, he worked frequently with Desjardins (1637-1694) and was involved in the casting of four of Louis XIV’s equestrian monument (Place des Victoire, Paris; Montpellier; Dijon; and Lyon). He was also famous for producing numerous reductions of these monuments and other large-scale statues made for the king. His casts were much appreciated by contemporary collectors: in 1701 the Elector Maximilian II Emanuel purchased seven such reductions made by Schabol.