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Noël Hardivilliers (1704 - 1779)
Works of Art

Although the son of a master, N. Hardivilliers was apprenticed in Paris to Jean Chéret in 1720 at the age of sixteen, but he moved to François Siméon Barré in 1725. He was living on the pont au Change at the sign of the Golden Hammer, where he remained throughout his career, when Jean-Baptiste Charbonné sponsored him as master in 1729. He was made a warden (garde) of the guild in 1746-47. In 1754, he stood sponsor for François-Nicolas Génard (q.v.), in 1756 for Jacques-Charles Peigné, in 1762 for Pierre Cerneau (q.v.), and in 1764 for Jean-Jacques Thomas. He retired in 1771 and died at a house in the grande rue d'Auteuil in 1779. During his career he seems to have employed the enameller Le Sueur (see nos. 12 and 16 in the catalogue) and perhaps the painter signing Parpette (Watson 1970, no.12).
It is clear that the goldsmith's mark of N. Hardvilliers was copied, probably during the nineteenth century, perhaps in Russia. The mark illustrated by Nocq 1926-31, vol.11, pp. 311-12, having an upward indenture in the bottom line of the punch, is the spurious mark (see also Waddesdon 1975, p. 139, no. 3; Grandjean 1981, pp.113-15, nos. 125 and 127, all of which are erroneously attributed to Hardivilliers, and Somer Cocks and Truman 1985, pp. 254-57, no 86). N. Hardivillier's mark has a flat base (Watson 1970, p. 149, no. 149, no. 12 and Grandjean 1981, no. 124).