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Le Sueur (active between: 1750 -1761)
Works of Art

The enameller signing Le Sueur has yet to be identified. He, or she, has been linked to the portrait painting Pierre Lesueur, who exhibited at the Salons from 1741 until 1753 and who died in Bordeaux in 1786. Kenneth Snowman identified him with a Eustache Le Sueur, perhaps mistaking the portraitist for Eustache Le Sueur (1617-1655), who could not be the enameller of this or any other eighteenth-century box. However, a Daniel Le seur, or Lechieur, is mentioned in the accounts of the toyman Paul Bertrand of London and Bath in 1739. A design in pen and ink and bodycolour, probably for a gold snuffbox, inscribed B N Le Sueur raises the possibility that the artist in question may be Blaise Nicolas Le Sueur, although by all accounts he was in Berlin during the period when the snuffboxes bearing the signature Le Sueur were enamelled. Enamels signed Le Sueur are found on boxes by Jean Ducrollay and Jean Frémin dated between 1750 and 1761. Unsigned enamels attributed to Le Sueur are found on boxes by Noël Harivilliers (q.v.) dating between 1756 and 1758 and also by Jean-Baptiste Bertin, Paris, 1758-59. In addition a design for the cover of a snuffbox signed Leseure fesit, clearly by the same hand, is in the Victoria and Albert Museum.