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François-Nicolas Génard (1723 at least 1790)
Works of Art

F.-N. Génard was apprenticed in Paris to Louis Mailly in 1737 at the age of fourteen years and four and a half months old, but following Mailly’s death in 1739 he moved to Simon Desormeaux. In 1754 he was sponsored for master by Noël Hardivilliers (q.v.) as was Pierre Cerneau (q.v.) a few years later. At the time he was living in the cour Neuve du Palais, where he remained until 1787. The following year he is recorded in the rue du Martrois and from 1789 to 1790 in the rue de la Tixeranderie. A box in the Musée du Louvre (Grandjean 1981, pp. 113-14, no. 125) with spurious marks purporting to be by Noël Hardivilliers would appear to be a pastiche of the box by F.-Génard in the same museum.