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Johann Christian Neuber (1736 - 1808)
Works of Art

Neuber was one of Saxony’s celebrated goldsmiths who specialised in producing hard stone boxes, chatelaines and watchcases decorated with local stone, such as agate, jasper, and carnelian, fashioning enchanting landscapes, elaborate floral designs, and complex geometric patterns with tiny pieces of cut and polished stones set in gold-framed cells, a technique known as Zellenmosaik (cell mosaic).

Neuber first practised in the workshop of Heinrich Taddel, his father-in-law, who was also the director of the Grünes Gewölbe; a position taken over by Neuber in 1769. Neuber then became court jeweller in 1775, in this role he created the Steinkabinettabatiere (stone cabinet snuffbox) which is seen as a response to the European elite's growing interest in the natural sciences.