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Hubert-Louis Cheval de St Hubert (active between: fl. 1751 - 1790)
Works of Art

H.-L. Cheval de St Hubert was the son of Hubert Cheval (q.v.) and became master in 1751, the year that his father died. He was sponsored by Etienne Pollet, who had also sponsored J.-F. Breton (q.v.) some years earlier. He was then living on the quai des Orfèvres in Paris but by 1781 he was in the rue des Rats, where he remained until 1783, before moving again to the quai de Chaillot. In 1755, when he prepared the posthumous inventory of the stock of Louis-François Aubert, he was described as orfèvre-émailleur. Although he gave up his marks in 1762, he became a warden (garde) of the guild in 1767-1768, and subsequently in 1781-1782. He was elected an alderman of the city of Paris in 1770. Since his mark has never been recorded on any piece of silver or gold, it must be assumed that he was simply an enameller.