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Full armour
  • Full armour
  • Wolfgang Grosschedel (1517 - 1562) , (some elements including breastplate)
  • Landshut and Augsburg, Germany, and France
  • c. 1550- c.1570 and 19th century
  • Steel, copper alloy, velvet and leather, etched
  • Weight: 3.41 kg, helmet
    Weight: 1.048 kg, gorget
    Weight: 2.25 kg, breastplate
    Weight: 1.23 kg, pauldron (left)
    Weight: 1.16 kg, pauldron (right)
    Weight: 1.615 kg, vambraces
    Weight: 0.595 kg, gauntlet (left)
    Weight: 0.439 kg, gauntlet (right)
    Weight: 2.551 kg, legs in all (left)
    Weight: 2.579 kg, legs in all (right)
    Weight: 1.771 kg, demi-shaffron
    Weight: 7.71 kg, saddle
  • Armourer's mark: Wolfgang Grosschedel trace
    Mark: Landshut guild mark trace
    Mark: Augsburg guild mark
  • A34
  • European Armoury III
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