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  • Morion
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Italy
  • c. 1580
  • Iron or steel, copper alloy and gold, etched and gilt
  • Height: 28.2 cm
    Weight: 1.63 kg
  • A124
  • European Armoury III
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  • Morion with a high roped comb, the brim having a curved peak at the front and the back swept like a classical helmet, the whole made in one piece; the lower edge is turned under and roped, there is a row of rivets with gilt rosettes, the centres of which have originally held jewels in a claw setting (one on either side which held the chin-straps, has been repaired with an ordinary brass rosette); tubular, brass plume-holder at the back. The left side of the skull has been damaged and repaired.
    Decorated with broad bands, slightly sunk and etched with scattered pieces of armour on a granular ground and gilt, with borders of guilloche ornament; on either side of the comb, oval panels containing depictions of Leda and the Swan and a nymph and satyr with Cupid in the background.
    On loan to thRoyal Armouries (from William Burges since 1976, previously loaned to the British Museum) is a splinted breastplate having rivets with a claw setting very like those on this morion; the few that still retain their filling are set with coloured glass; a Zischägge and breastplate, also with glass jewels, is in the Kienbusch collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (Kienbusch cat., no. 31, pI. XXIX).