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  • Morion
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • North Italy
  • c. 1600
  • Iron or steel and gold, etched and gilt
  • Height: 34.1 cm
    Weight: 1.87 kg
  • A132
  • European Armoury II
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  • Morion, having a very high roped comb with flat sides; the plume-holder is missing; brim peaked front and rear, turned under and roped; the whole made in one piece. Crudely etched all over with entwined strapwork framing circular oval panels filled with figures and trophies of armour on a granular ground; on either side of the skull within an architrave or lintel, supported by two pairs of Corinthian columns, is a horseman prancing over a fallen foe, flanked by seated female figures holding banners bearing a cross. In the centre of the comb is etched a representation of Saint George wearing sixteenth-century costume and holding a banner. The brim is carefully lapped over and joined near the point on each side. There are minute traces of gold decoration in some areas.