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  • Cabasset
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Venice, Italy
  • c. 1600
  • Iron or steel and oil paint
  • Height: 19 cm
    Weight: 1.35 kg
  • A150
  • European Armoury II
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  • Cabasset, having a pear-shaped skull, with a short stalk at the apex, and narrow, slightly sloping brim with turned-over edge. There is a row of holes around the base for the lining-strap rivets, and two at the back for those which secured the missing plume-holder. The brim is pierced with a large hole in front and a smaller one at the back for suspension. The whole surface is painted: on the right side with the Lion of St. Mark in yellow and brown oil paint, and on the left with a large, blue quatrefoil on a parti-coloured background of green and yellow. Running up the back is a representation of a plume painted in white, while following the rivet holes at the base is a border of riband or chain pattern in green and yellow, counterchanged.
    There are a number of similarly painted morions in the Museo Civico Correr at Venice; one of the same series is now in the Metropolitan Museum, New York (inv. no. 14.25.636 - being previously in the Uboldo Collection, Milan) another is in the same museum. Another example is in the Hermitage Museum, Leningrad (Z.O. no. 3418).
    Branches of the following Venetian families have blue flowers in their arms: Barbaro, Barbo, Ghisi, Loredan, and Mocenigo.