The Wallace Collection

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  • Armet
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Germany
  • c. 1525
  • Iron or steel
  • Weight: 2.78 kg
  • A156
  • European Armoury II
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  • Armet of the 'Maximilian' style, the skull deeply fluted and distinguished by an impressive triple comb, the central ridge higher and scaled, the ones on either side roped en torsade. The visor has a sharply-ridged bellows form, pierced with pairs of slits for breathing; spring-catch and hole on the right side for lifting-peg (missing); cheek-pieces hinged at the sides, overlapping in front and fixed by a turning-pin, with a large head like a thumb-screw; the bottom edge, like the lower edge of the skull, is roped and hollowed to fit over the top plate of the gorget. The top of the central comb is pierced at the centre by a hole for a plume or for the top of the lining. There are four small holes at the nape of the neck for the lining laces. Compare to the Wallace Collection close-helmet A162.