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  • Armet
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Germany
  • c. 1530
  • Medium-carbon steel and copper alloy, fluted and embossed, quenched and tempered
  • Weight: 2.93 kg
  • A157
  • European Armoury I
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  • Armet in the 'Maximilian' style, having a skull with two groups of flutes on either side of the heavily roped and twisted medial ridge. At the back are eight pairs of small holes for lacing in the lining. At the back of the neck is a single hole for the missing rondel; bellows visor pierced with two horizontal sights, and circular holes between the ridges, the upper edge cusped, six additional breaths have been pierced at a later date on the right side of the visor; cheek-pieces hinged near the back and overlapping at the chin, where they are secured by a hook-and-eye. The jaw is quite narrow. Each cheek-piece is pierced with a rosette of nine holes for hearing. The lower edge is circular and embossed to rotate on the upper rim of the gorget, and chiselled with lines to represent roping (see also inv. nos. A168 and A187). The pivot of the visor on the left side has been restored (before 1962), that on the right taking the form of a brass rosette (later). The top of the medial ridge is pierced at the centre by a hole for a plume or for the top of the lining. There are four small holes at the nape of the neck for the lining-laces.

    In outline and certain of its details, this helmet resembles in general form one formerly in the Rotunda, Woolwich, and now in the Royal Armouries (inv. no. IV.412).