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Close-helmet with falling buffe and lining
  • Close-helmet with falling buffe and lining
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Germany
  • c. 1550
  • Iron or steel and velvet, etched, quilted
  • Weight: 2.71 kg
  • A183
  • European Armoury II
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  • Close-helmet of burgonet form, having a skull with comb very slightly roped; pierced with a small hole probably to secure the top of the lining; there are two fairly large pairs of holes on each side behind the ears for securing the now missing cross-straps; moveable fall, or peak, with turned-under and roped edge; bevor pivoted at the same points as the peak; fastened to the skull by a spring-catch and hook-and-eye; falling buff of two plates. Although the upper part is pierced with five vertical slits and five circular holes on the right side, and fourteen circular holes on the left, as though for sight, there is a gap between the upper edge of the buff and the brow of the skull; roped upper edge; the lower plate similarly pierced with five slits on the right side and nine holes on the left; both plates are kept in position by spring-catches, the lower one being pivoted to the bevor by a rivet on each side; two gorget-plates, front and back, pointed with turned-under and roped lower edges and a row of round-headed rivets round the border for the lining strap; the quilted red-velvet lining is now furnished with hooks to facilitate removal; the velvet lining of the tilting helmet A191 is similarly fitted. The lining of A183 is probably not original.
    The whole is decorated with bands of etching on a black ground representing birds, dolphins, masks, cornucopias, drums, scrolls, and narrower bands of interlaced ornament, on a black ground (not granulated). Th etching is of good quality in the late Augsburg, so-called 'Hopfer' style.