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  • Close-helmet
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Augsburg, Germany
  • c. 1590
  • Iron or steel and copper alloy
  • Height: 30.5 cm
    Weight: 5.67 kg
  • A190
  • European Armoury II
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  • Close-helmet for the joust, of heavy construction and made up of four parts: skull, with keel-shaped comb, roped and pierced with two holes for the crest; four holes on either side at the back for the laces for the missing cross-straps; spring-catch on the right side to secure the lower bevor; the lower edge hollowed to fit over the top plate of the gorget. Heavy visor, with single sight, the salient edge strongly flanged to a horizontal plane to fit into the bevor, and secured by a spring-catch and hook; the upper part covering the skull is strongly wrought to a thickness of nearly a quarter of an inch. The upper bevor is fitted with a small trap-door on the right side, it was closed by a small bolt operated by a tightly coiled spring, and was opened by a cord or thong - these elements are now missing; it is pierced with a hole for the attachment of a reinforcing piece. Lower bevor, with the lower edge hollowed, like the skull, to fit over the gorget; flush and brass-headed rivets for the lining band; there is a hook on the right side to engage the spring-catch of the skull - this catch is missing; the forked prop for keeping the bevor raised is missing, also the spring-catch to keep the bevor down.