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  • Gorget
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • France or Germany
  • c. 1640
  • Steel, leather and gold, blued, etched and gilt
  • Weight: 1.54 kg
  • A237
  • European Armoury III
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  • Gorget, formed of two single plates shaped to a point at front and back. The two plates are held together by a rivet with a large domed head and a key-hole slot on each shoulder. The surface blued with sunk borders gilt, and with a sunk band down the centre of both plates. The sunk borders and central band are etched with a running pattern of flowers and foliage. The band round the neck is more deeply recessed than the others. The decoration of the central band at the back includes a man in classical armour holding a sword. The edges are turned over and bordered with hemispherical steel-headed rivets for the lining strap. The lining leather is original and has the needle holes for stitching in the lining.

    This type of deep gorget was intended to be worn over a buff coat.