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Parade shield
  • Parade shield
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Milan, Italy
  • c. 1560
  • Steel, silver, gold and copper alloy, embossed, blued, chased and damascened
  • Diameter: 59 cm
    Weight: 4.08 kg
  • A326
  • European Armoury I
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  • Parade shield or buckler, circular, convex, embossed, chased and richly damascened in silver and gold, the edges turned under and bordered with a row of brass-headed rivets for the lining band. In the centre, within a circular wreath (see also A311-2) are the mounted figures of St. George, in Roman armour with lance, and the Dragon with the Princess Sabra on the right; above, a representation of the Winds proceeding from the mouths of two cherubs in clouds; in the background is a hilly landscape with a castle and the sea. In the border are four circular panels representing David with the head of Goliath; Hercules with the skin of the Nemæn Lion; Judith with the head of Holofernes and Mars, alternating with the trophies of arms, armour and musical instruments. The borders and certain details are damascened with fine arabesques. At the back are six butterfly plates, fixed on by rivets to which bolts and rings were screwed for the enarmes (now missing).

    With the exception of the sky, the central scene is based on an engraving by Angelo Falco (Bartsch, XX, p. 107, no. 16; illustrated Bartsch, XLIV, 1983, ed. P. Bellini and M. G. Leach, p. 304, no. 16 (107)). The trophies in the border resemble those engraved by Aenea Vico. The date given by Bartsch to the work of Falco is inaccurate. Stylistically it belongs to the second half of the sixteenth century and is strongly influenced by Parmigianino (A. V. Griffiths, letter of 13 June 1983).