The Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection, A Family Collection, A National Museum, An International Treasure House
  • Saddle
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Italy
  • c. 1560
  • Steel, horsehair, velvet, gold and silver, canvas and leather embroidered, etched and counterfeit damascened
  • Weight: 10.83 kg
  • A410
  • European Armoury II
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  • Armoured saddle, having a seat padded with horsehair and covered with green (? originally blue) quilted velvet, the bolsters and cloth embroidered in gold with a pattern of conventional leaves and fruit. The front arçon is faced with three plates (the middle plate backed by a fourth) of darkened steel deeply etched with interlaced strapwork enclosing, on each plate, a cartouche containing a view of a city counterfeit-damascened in gold and silver, the rest decorated with trophies and panels of gilt arabesques, the strapwork brightly damascened with silver and bordered with gold lines. The rear arçon of two plates is similarly decorated. The borders have flanged and roped edges, the plates secured by square-headed rivets. The saddle is heavily padded on the underside with horse-hair covered with canvas (stained with rust-spots), and furnished with three buckles and the remains of the girth-straps; two loops of leather for the trappings remain at the front and back. There is a single buckle for the crupper at the back.

    The style of architectural decoration is not unlike the Wallace Collection shield A34.