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  • Longsword
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Germany
  • c. 1520 and 19th century (hilt)
    Possibly c. 1620 (blade)
  • Iron or steel and wood, blackened
  • Length: 101 cm
    Width: 4.1 cm
    Length: 20.2 cm, grip
    Length: 10 cm, quillons
    Weight: 1.531 kg
  • Incised mark: Running wolf
    Inscription: '1415'
  • A475
  • European Armoury I
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Further Reading
  • Two-handed sword, the blackened hilt comprised of a long fish-tail pommel; straight straight guard, circular in section, ending in knobs; a small leaf-shaped projection in the middle extends on either side of the blade; cord-bound grip (modern). The two-edged blade, of flattened diamond section, tapers to a point. Maker's mark on both faces 24 cm from the guard.

    A similar mark of a fleur-de-lys is stamped on Swords in the DHM at Berlin; Bern (Wegeli) No. 233; Madrid, G 24; and Dresden (Ehrenthal, p. 18, No. 80). A sword of similar proportions and with a comparable hilt, now in the Royal Armouries (No. IX.1787), is among those believed to have been found on a site connected with the battle of Castillon which took place in 1453 (see Oakeshott, 1982, pp. 17-32, Fig. 16).