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  • Longsword
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Germany and Italy
  • c. 1550
  • Iron, steel and fish-skin, blued
  • Length: 97.2 cm
    Width: 4.2 cm
    Weight: 1.595 kg
  • Maker's mark
  • A483
  • European Armoury I
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  • Longsword, with a blued hilt similar to those of A480 and A485, composed of an inverted, cone-shaped pommel of octagonal section; shouldered grip bound with fish-skin; straight, spatulate guard; knuckle-guard and single side-ring, with a hilt-arm; a counter-guard connects the bottom of the hilt arm to the ring guard forming a forward cage; the double-edged blade is flat, triple-fullered near the hilt and stamped with a maker's mark on both sides.

    The hilt with spatulate guards and semi-basket for the knuckles is characteristically German of the middle of the sixteenth century, although the mark on the blade is Italian in character. A480 and A485, which have very similar hilts, retain their original German blades. A similar German hilt on a blade with what appear to be Italian marks is in the Odescalchi Collection, Rome (Inv. no. 1104; Carpegna 1961, No. 215).