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  • Sword
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Hilt- Italy, possibly Brescia, blade- Germany
  • 1500 - 1649
    2nd quarter of 17th century (hilt)
    probably 16th century (blade)
  • Iron or steel, bronze, gold, copper and copper alloy, chased and chiselled
  • Length: 91 cm, blade
    Width: 3.3 cm
    Weight: 0.84 kg
  • Maker's mark: Orb and cross Inlaid in copper
  • A524
  • European Armoury I
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  • Sword, of elegant form, the Italian, possibly Brescian hilt comprising a flat, circular pommel of steel, concave on one side, and convex on the other, encircled with gilt bronze ornamented with a series of contiguous oval hollows; steel grip chiselled with scales and tapering slightly towards the crossguard, where a band of brass chased with a pattern of interlaced hurdle or basket-work is applied; crossguard curving strongly towards the point, and single knuckle-guard of diamond section, both with a hollow fluted section, slightly twisted in one with the guard. Both guard and knuckle-guard terminate in gadrooned knobs of gilt bronze. The double-edged blade is German and earlier than the hilt, by as much as a century. It is of flattened hexagonal section with a short ricasso.

    The hilt is apparently lacking a side-ring mounted on the guard outside the hand, the rivets for which survive. The maker's mark of the orb and cross is inlaid in copper on both sides.

    Norman and Barne, 1980, pp. 238 and 375.

    An unusual and attractive piece.