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  • Rapier
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Italy
  • c. 1580 - c. 1620
  • Steel and gold, blackened and overlaid
  • Length: 116.5 cm
    Width: 2.6 cm
    Weight: 1.18 kg
  • Inscription: '· I H S ·' and 'S'
    Stamp: 'S'
  • A615
  • European Armoury II
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  • Rapier, the swept hilt comprised of a flattened cylindrical pommel, faceted to a decagonal section, with small button; short; wire-bound grip; single, upward-curving rear quillon; knuckle-guard of hexagonal section, branching into loops connecting to the side-rings and hilt-arms, the whole of darkened steel bearing traces of fine overlay in gold, which once covered the hilt overall. Blade of hexagonal section, the single groove incised on either side with the sacred monogram:

    ∙ I H S ∙

    and the letter S. The ricasso stamped on either side with the same letter.

    De Beaumont Catalogue No. 33

    Compare the marks on rapiers A541 and A566.