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  • Sword
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Hilt- Italy; blade- Solingen, Germany
  • c. 1540 - c. 1545 and c. 1614 (hilt (Italian))
    1614 or later (blade (German))
  • Steel, blackened and chiselled
  • Length: 91.1 cm
    Width: 3.2 cm
    Weight: 1.14 kg
  • Inscription: 'SI·DUX·ABSIT·DEVS·NON / HOSTES·VINCETVR·MEVS' In italic Roman capitals
    Inscription: 'VERITATEM·DILIGITE· / ET PVGNATE / PROPATRIA' In italic Roman capitals
    Inscription: 'PRO·FIDE· / ET·PATRI[A]' Engraved
    Inscription: FIDE·ET· / CUI·VIDE' Engraved
    Inscription: 'PRO·ARIS· / ET·FOCIS' Engraved
    Inscription: 'ME·FECIT· / SOLINGEN' Engraved
    Incised mark: Half-moon Engraved
    Inscription: Medallion of Elector Wolfgang Wilhelm encircled with '[W]·OLFGANGVS·WILHELMVS·DG / CO·PAL·AD·RHEN·DVX·I·CH'
    Inscription: Medallion portrait and 'ISPANIA'
  • A624
  • European Armoury III
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Further Reading
  • Sir S. R. Meyrick; Frédéric Spitzer; Sir Richard Wallace.